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Intermodal Management System

The Hampton Roads Intermodal Management System (IMS) includes the connections and movements of goods and people over air, land and sea, involving all forms of transportation.

The HRTPO completed an analysis of freight movement into and out of Hampton Roads, resulting in 1996, 1998, 2001, 2007 and 2012 reports. The Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study (2012) study focuses on two major components:

  • Commodity Flows - analyzes foreign and domestic freight movement to, from, and within Hampton Roads for all transportation modes by weight and value for existing (2010) and projected (2040) conditions using FHWA’s Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) database.  This section determines freight movements, top trading partners and top commodities for Hampton Roads.  This section also utilizes the commodity flow data to measure the importance of local gateway corridors for trucks.
  • Regional Truck Movement – analyzes the movement of trucks both within Hampton Roads as well as through the gateways of the region, and identifies locations with high truck delay levels.  This analysis is based primarily on VDOT vehicle classification counts and INRIX travel time and speed data.