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Birthplace of America Trail Committee

The completion of the Virginia Capital Trail (VCT) in 2015 inspired the active transportation (AT) planners and engineers of Hampton Roads to envision long AT paths connecting the far reaches of Hampton Roads to the VCT and Richmond.

To fulfill the vision, TTAC created the Birthplace of America Trail Committee



Alison Alexander, Hampton – Co-Chair

Susan Wilson, Portsmouth – Co-Chair

Ray Amoruso, HRT

Frances Baily, Surry

Nick Britton, DRPT

Rob Brown, Norfolk

VACANT, Hampton

VACANT, Windsor

Thelma Drake, Norfolk

Helen Gabriel, Suffolk

LJ Hansen, Suffolk

Carl Jackson, VDOT

Katie Johanson, WATA

Benjamin Camras, Chesapeake

Glenn Oder, Ft. Monroe Auth.

Jamie Oliver, Isle of Wight

Amy Parker, Yorktown

Bridjette Parker, Newport News

VACANT, Williamsburg

Mark Shea, Virginia Beach

Eric Stringfield, VDOT

Roberta Sulouff, James City

Beth Weisbrod, VCT Foundation

Wayne Wilcox, Virginia Beach

James Wright, Portsmouth


Robert Case, HRTPO

Steve Lambert, HRTPO


Updated: 02/13/2017