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2034 Plan Visualization Tools

Keep Hampton Roads Moving2034 Plan Visualization

This page provides navigation to important information on how to use and interpret the Plan Visualization using Google Earth. Please read through this before continuing on to the visualization. The projects shown in this visualization reflect the 2034 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) candidate projects being evaluated and prioritized for inclusion in the fiscally constrained 2034 LRTP. Check back later for the updated visualization of prioritized projects included in the 2034 LRTP.

2034 Committed & Planned Projects

Click here to download the KMZ File.

Click here to download the KML File.

2034 Candidate Projects

Click here to download the KMZ File.

Click here to download the KML File.

Getting Started

What is Google Earth?

The Plan and Google Earth.


Follow the steps below to get started using Google Earth and the 2034 LRTP Visualization:

  1. Read the information about Google Earth and how the 2034 LRTP candidate projects and studies are represented.
  2. If you haven't already, download and install Google Earth
    1. Please read the Google Earth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to determine if your computer can run Google Earth.
  3. Click the link to download the LRTP Visualization.
    1. If you have any problems launching Google Earth by clicking the link below, read the Troubleshooting section.



Preparation of  this visualization guide and the visualization tool has been made possible through work similarly done at the METROPOLITAN WASHINGTON COUNCIL OF GOVERNMENTS, within their 2007 CONSTRAINED LONG RANGE PLAN.